Record-Weight Furbearers

Species Sex Date Taken County Taken Weights (lbs.) Hunter/Trapper
Badger M 12/17/2014 Perry 28.9 Corey Robinson
Beaver M 12/17/2014 Marion 73 Jeff Dornberger and Blaine Pope
Bobcat F 1/18/2014 Macon 36 Shane Viers
Coyote M Unknown Saline 42.4 Josh Hume
Gray Fox F 1/19/2015 Ralls 11.8 Chad Arnold
Mink M 1/16/2013 Ralls 5.2 Jeff Thompson
Muskrat M 1/29/2013 Boone 3.6 Chuck Regnireb
Nutria M 2/2/2014 Pemiscot 15.8 Charlie Brown
Opossum M 1/25/2012 Lafayette 13.4 Kevin Whitworth
Raccoon M 2/15/2012 Macon 27.2 Chance Bailey
Red Fox M 1/29/2013 Cass 11.9 Steven Wiseman
River Otter M  Unknown Osage 31.2 Jacob Rehagen
Striped Skunk M 1/31/2014 Laclede/Camden 6.14 Ashley Radenz

Think you have a record?

If you have trapped a large furbearer, let your regional office know. Browse the Public Contacts Directory below to find the office number.

The rules:

  • Your record must be a legal furbearing species.
  • It must be taken within the legal trapping/hunting/cable-restraint season each year.
  • Record is for the weight only.
  • Weights are recorded by MDC personnel at the Resource Science Center in Columbia or at the fur auctions on a specified digital scale.

Key Messages: 

Conservation makes Missouri a great place to hunt and fish.

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