Season dates

  • Oct. 1–31

Closed counties

  • Turkeys may be taken in all counties except: Dunklin, McDonald, Mississippi, New Madrid, Newton, Pemiscot and Scott.

Shooting hours

  • One-half hour before sunrise to sunset

Valid permits

  • Resident or Nonresident Fall Firearms Turkey Hunting Permit
  • Resident Landowner Fall Firearms Turkey Hunting Permit

Season limit

  • Two turkeys, which may be of either sex, may be taken during the season, and they both may be taken on the same day.

Methods allowed

  • A shotgun (including .410) with shot not larger than No. 4
  • A longbow, recurve bow or compound bow of any draw weight
  • Atlatls, which are defined as a rod or narrow boardlike device used to launch, through a throwing motion of the arm, a dart 5 to 8 feet long
  • Hand-held string releasing devices
  • Illuminated sights, scopes and quickpoint sights

Methods prohibited

  • Shotguns holding more than three shells in magazine and chamber combined
  • Shot larger than No. 4 (in use or in possession)
  • A bow fastened to a stock or other device that maintains the bow in a drawn position
  • Any sighting device that casts a beam of light on the game
  • Use of dogs, bait, recorded calls, live decoys

Points to remember

  • Anyone hunting turkeys during the fall firearms turkey season may not be in possession of both a firearm and a bow. Some exceptions apply.
  • Special regulations apply when pursuing feral hogs during the firearms turkey season. See "General Turkey Regulations" under "Related Information" below.

Key Messages: 

Conservation makes Missouri a great place to hunt and fish.

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