New Missouri Natural Events Calendar

Published on: Sep. 12, 2007

Knowing what’s happening in the real world beyond our walls is a an increasingly rare and wonderful thing. It seems like more and more of us feel we don’t have time (or “take” the time) to simply get out in nature, watch and listen to its rhythms. That’s why the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Natural Events Calendar is so valuable.

 I just got a note that our new 2008 calendars were delivered fresh from the printer and in our offices and nature shops. Last year we ran out in the beginning of January, which means our staff figured it just right. But it also means that if you’re a procrastinator, you may be out of luck.

So what’s so good about these? The photographs are by our staff and volunteers. They capture some incredible sights. If you’re interested in seeing Missouri landscapes and wildlife, this is unique. What’s more unique, though, is the listing of what’s happening out there with wildlife. For instance, today it says the white-tailed deer begin mating. I would have guessed it wasn’t until October… If you want to know when wild berries ripen, when the bluebirds begin nesting or when owls are born, you’ll like this calendar. And if you never thought about this, then you should get one just simply because it’s the perfect couch potato way to learn what’s happening out there.

My Missouri relatives get this calendar as a gift from me each year. And the year I forgot to get them? I haven’t made that mistake again…

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We help people discover nature.

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